Piercing Cartridges

Trendez is the NZ agent for the Safe Piercing system of disposable piercing cartridges for nose and ears.  WE distribute to other NZ piercers and have trained many people on Safe Ear Piercing throughout NZ.

A piercing cartridge is not a gun it is a single use disposable cartridge that comes pre-loaded in sterile packaging therefore has no risk of cross contamination.  The stud is already loaded into the cartridge and is needle sharp

We perform hundreds of ear piercings every week with this system and can guarantee that it is safe and sterile while it pierces a nice clean hole which will heal beautifully if looked after properly.

This system is used for earlobes and we have a longer post stud that is used for thicker earlobes and Helix piercings.  The longer post allows room for swelling. 

We have a full range of studs available in both Tiffany and Bezel set designs made from surgical Steel, 24k Gold plated Surgical Steel and  G23 Titanium.  View our
The nose piercer is designed specifically for  piercing the nose and has a 2mm CZ stud which is lovely and petite.  This is also available in Surgical Steel, 24k Gold plated Surgical Steel and G23 Titanium.