Needle Piercing FAQs

What jewellery do you pierce with?
Our piercing prices include standard Surgical Steel or Titanium jewellery, either a hinged ring, flat back labret stud,  a barbell or a bananabar.  Jewellery upgrades are available at an extra cost.

Can I bring my own jewellery?
No.  To ensure the success of your piercing we only use our jewellery as we can guarantee that it is of the highest quality, is sterile and suitable for initial piercings.

Can I get pierced with a retainer?
Yes.  We stock a range of bioplast, bio-compatible clear plastic jewellery that is ideal for initial piercings.  These are often chosen if your piercing needs to be hidden for work or school.

How many piercings can I have in one sitting?
We recommend that you don't exceed three or four piercings on one sitting.  This is dependent on the placement of the piercings

Do you do genital piercing?
No, we only pierce above the belt.

Do you do double tongue piercings?
No.  The tongue swells instantly upon piercing and for that reason we will not pierce two at once.  We will pierce another hole behind or in front of your initial piercing, once the first one has healed.  You will need to wear a 20mm barbell in the first piercing to allow for the swelling all over again.  We don't do the snake eye piercing at the tip of the tongue.

Do I need to downsize my jewellery?
Certain piercings tend to swell and for this reason we insert temporary jewellery with a longer post which allows room for the swelling.  This jewellery is specific and of the highest quality for healing a piercing, either Titanium or Surgical Grade Steel.  Once the swelling has subsided we recommend that you come back into the store with your jewellery downsize card and have a free fitting.  At this point you can buy the jewellery that you wish to wear permanantly.

What is a Micro Dermal Piercing?
A Micro Dermal piercing is a semi-permanent implant under the skin.  This is performed with a biopsy punch which removes a 2mm section of fat from under the skin.  A Titanium Anchor is then implanted which will become embedded within the tissue just under the skin.  A 5mm Jewel sits above the skin and can be downsized to a 3 or 4mm jewel or design once the piercing has healed.  Micro Dermals need to stay covered for two weeks after implantation to ensure they heal well.  Dermal implants should be removed by a Doctor.

What if I need to remove my jewellery for an MRI or CT scan?
You may be required to remove your jewellery if it is in the direct area of the scan.  We offer a fitting service of $5 if you wish to come in and have a bioplast retainer fitted before your scan.  Retainers cost $5 each and are made of clear bio-compatible and flexible plastic which is ideal for wearing in both healed and non-healed piercings.

Do piercings leave a scar if I take the jewellery out?
Everybody heals at a different rate when they get a piercing and the same applies when the jewellery is taken out. Sometimes the holes will close over fast and may leave a slight dimple, indentation or scar while sometimes the holes can stay open permanently.

Stretched ears can cause permanent damage which can require plastic surgery to repair.  Usually if the hole is stretched beyond 8mm then it will not shrink down completely.