Infection Control

At Trendez, our number one priority is the health and safety of both our clients and our piercers.

We have been in the piercing industry since 1995 and have trained many piercers throughout NZ in piercing and safe hygiene practices.  The service we run in our store is professional, safe and hygienic.  Back in 2001 we worked in conjunction with the Dunedin City Council in writing the Beauty Therapists’, Tattooists; and Skin Piercers’ Bylaw.  This is the standard that we adhere to with piercing.

Our practices minimize the risk of bacteria infections occurring in the piercing room.  Bacteria are microorganisms that can create acute or chronic infection.

Unhygienic practices can introduce common bacteria such as staphylococcus which leads to skin infection, wound breakdown, scarring and infection of the blood.  It is essential that at all times we supply our clients with professionally competent, safe and hygienic services, provided in clean and hygienic premises. 

Our piercers and staff are fully aware of the potential dangers and wider effects of their procedures and understand the precautions that need to be taken to minimise the chance of infection or spread of disease.

At Trendez we observe the following basic principles:

  • The premises are kept clean and hygienic.
  • Prior to piercing we wipe the area throroughly with isopropyl alcohol to remove any staph form the skin.
  • Any article used to penetrate the skin is sterile and is a new single use, disposable article.
  • Any article that has penetrated the skin is disposed of immediately in a medical sharps container.
  • Any tool that is contaminated is cleaned by ultra-sonic and sterilised by autoclave before being used on another person.  Our clamps are high quality SS316L Surgical Steel.
  • Our piercers keep themselves clean, healthy and hygienic.  Any wounds are covered.
  • Animals are not permitted on our premises, except for guide dogs for the blind.

Bacterial infections most commonly occur by touching the piercing with unclean fingers after the client leaves the piercing room.  Aftercare information and careful management is vital to reduce the risk.  We provide written afercare, specific to each piercing.  We recommend that you keep this information to refer to during the complete healing phase.  We also give verbal aftercare advice and will answer any questions or concerns during your consultation.

We are available for free consultation by phoning the store on 03 365 2255 during business hours or in-store with or without appointment.  We also have help via our websites Contact Us tab.  We are extremely responsive to emails,