Piercing bookings are taken in person at the store or by phoning the store during business hours on 03 365 2255. We take bookings up to a week in advance and we do not require a deposit. If you are unable to make your appointment, please be courteous and call to let us know. We are happy to make changes or re-schedule bookings at any time.

We do take walk-ins, however bookings will always take priority so please be prepared to wait. We have two piercing rooms and an ear piercing room so can accommodate three piercings at the same time.

Please arrive early for your appointment to allow time to complete a consent form as well as choose your jewellery from our extensive range. This can also be a good time to purchase your aftercare solution. We will answer any queries you may have before we start the piercing process.

Bring as many people as you like to the store but you can only have one support person in the piercing room while you are being pierced. This is for Health and Safety reasons. Our focus will be on the person we are piercing and sometimes people watching can feel faint or cause distractions for our piercer.

The procedure takes approximately ten minutes once you are in the piercing room. The piercing itself is done in a split second but the piercer will take her time marking the piercing out for your approval and, afterwards, explaining all aspects of aftercare and healing. You will also be given this in writing.

After you leave the store the success of the piercing is up to you. It is very important that you follow the recommended aftercare advice. If you have any concerns please come back to the store or call us anytime. If it's after hours please email us on We are very responsive and always happy to help.

If you require a down-size on your jewellery once the piercing has healed, please book an appointment and return with your jewellery downsize card and we will do this for free.

Any other fittings will cost $10.